The Free Roblox Cheat for Robux 2017

Last Updated Aug 2017

You ever wonder if any cheats for Roblox Robux or free robux R$ exist? Well the answer is a resounding yes! You can get Roblox cheats for xbox one, pc, mac, mobile (both ios and android), tablet, or any other device since all of the cheat processors are hosted on a secure off-site server. You can easily use our Roblox cheats to get 1,000 robux, 10,000 robux or even 50,000 robux!

How do Roblox Robux Cheats Work?

Since Roblox is a developer based community, they make certain tools and APIs available to use to generate new worlds. Our developers figured out a way to generate Robux for any character, on any device, completely free!

Our Roblox Generator Hack first scans a list of available Roblox servers (since they constantly add/remove and update their IPs, we keep it fresh). Next, we search through the servers to discover the vulnerability which only exists on some worlds. We can't tell you much more on how this works or it will be patched. Finally, we put your player into the game and generate the robux and/or upgrade your accounts builders club!

Do I Get Roblox Cheat Codes? Or Is the R$ Added to My Account?

Our Robux cheat is completely automated and requires no further work by you. We generate a Roblox cheat code and immediately apply it to your account. Using this same technique, we can generate upgrade codes and apply then for a free month of Builders Club. Class, Turbo or Outrageous, we can upgrade any account for 1 month - completely free.

There is no password, no survey, no download, no human verification, no install. All of the heavy lifting is done on an offshore server that is built to be 100% secure through a little known and hard to use exploit. Our generator cheat uses state of the art encryption technology to keep you safe and anonymous while providing free robux and builder club memberships!

How to Get Free Robux Cheats

So you want to know how to get free robux for Roblox. Our cheat tool is as easy as it gets to use. All you need to do is enter your Robux username, how much R$ you want, whether you want a Builders Club upgrade or not, and then press generate!

Our cheat generator will go through all of the steps explained above and automatically transfer all requested updates for your account. All you need to do is activate the transfer once all of the generation processes are complete! And again, this tool can be used on any device since it is completely online.

Do Your Robux Cheats Actually Work?

Yes! Our R$ hack is constantly being worked on to make sure that it is up to date. You can see the latest day that the tool was tested near the top of the page. Plus, this is pretty much your only hope of getting robux without bc. The people at Roblox want to make sure that you need to pay real cash in order to have as much fun as possible in the Roblox world. However, we are leveling the playing field and making both Robux and BC available to everyone, no matter your financial sitation. We believe in a world of freedom and sharing - Robux cheats are just one way to get that done. Just fill all of your details and and we'll redeem a free roblox promo code for your account, anonymously!

What Can I Use the Roblox Cheats For?

With the generated robux, you can use our Roblox cheats for free roblox games, clothes, month, prison life, games, assassin, a pirates life (or any game really) and anything else that accepts R$. It's compatible with iOS, tablet, android, xbox one, laptop, desktop, mobile phones. It requires no survey and isn't a standalone app. Instead our generator hack is completely online and free to use. Enjoy!